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  • Few things feel as good as drawing lines on a touchscreen - there's no other input method quite like it! Likewise games let you do unsafe things in a safe space. The question was how to combine these two ideas...which led to flicking matches! A little bit a line drawing, and dangerous fun without real world consequences.

  • To play, you drag your finger on the matchbox to light and then fling matches at candles in the darkness. One immediately benefit of the match metaphor is that they require friction to be lit. So if you don't move your fingers quickly enough, there's a chance you'll fling an unlit match. While finding the first couple of candles can be tricky, lighting one or two helps illuminate additional candles.

  • More than anything, this prototype lives and dies by how it feels. A lot of work was around getting the "light match" thresholds and "launching velocities" just right. The first iteration simply used the last recorded delta to launch matches, which often resulted in unexpected trajectories. The solution was to use several frames worth of data to iron out any anomalies.