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  • For years I was able to walk to work - a perfect excuse for having built in activity time as part of my daily routine. As such, I spent a lot of time walking. Fun fact: it's gets boring kind of quickly. You start to make a game out of not stepping on cracks. And then I took that thought to it's natural conclusion: a prototype!

  • To walk, simply press anywhere on the screen. Pressing the screen makes one of the feet move forward, and releasing the screen makes the other foot progress. This creates a surprising amount of tension, kind of like a rolling ball. Once it starts moving, it simply can't stop!

  • Levels are built using a text file, where every newline represents a section of sidewalk. The first two characters of each newline represent cracks. If the character is filled a crack is placed, and if the character is blank the section is skipped over. This system would be far too limited for a full game, but was great for quickly making and editing prototype levels.

  • Originally the game kicked you out after stepping on three cracks, but this prevented players from getting a chance to practice the mechanics. Instead stepping on a crack adds a five second penalty to your time.

  • Naturally, that meant building an online leaderboard! I looked around at some third party applications, but decided it was a good excuse to learn how to make Unity and a web database talk to one another. This system has since payed for itself many times over, anywhere from simple scores to sharing level data across multiple devices.

  • If nothing else, this prototype was a great reminder that less is more! There's a lot of fun to be found in super simple single input games.