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Super Mario Maker, 2015


  • Playing with Fire

    Playing with Fire

    I've found the most difficult levels to make in Super Mario Maker are classic Mario levels. It's challenging to expertly balance pacing, difficulty and ingenuity (without being overwhelming) into a single level. This level uses fire breathing Piranha Plants as its main mechanic, with players navigating bigger and more complicated fire breathing layouts.

  • PiRUNha Crossing

    PiRUNha Crossing

    This level presents players with the flag pole right in front of them. The only problem is the path there is covered with an impossible challenge - a bridge of Piranha Plants! Players slowly make their way through the bridge pipe by pipe, with each pipe inching them closer towards the once seemingly impossible goal.

  • Mind the Gap

    Mind the Gap

    Give a man a level building tool, and all he'll do is make puzzle levels! The level "locks" players in a simple situation until they discover the "bridge building" mechanic, and then must use that knowledge in new and different ways to complete the rest of the level.

  • Tortoise & Hare

    Tortoise & Hare

    Here players alternate between two mirrored stages - once nice and peaceful, the other a dreaded fire infested autoscrolling level! Because the sections are mirrored, players are able to complete and familiarize themselves with each challenge at their own pace, before being asked to complete it again under duress.

  • Let's Kick Some Shell!

    Let's Kick Some Shell!

    Players are presented with an unreachable spring. After navigating a series of difficult challenges, they're finally presented with their salvation - a giant, block breaking turtle! Not only will it help them access the spring, they can also use it to steamroll the previous challenges, making for a simple, euphoric way back.

  • Do "Nut" Stop!!

    Do "Nut" Stop!!

    Was this level mostly for a bad pun, that only sort of works (Even when you realize they wobbly platforms are called donuts)?? Maybe. There's still some challenge to be found in the level, however, since players can never stop moving! Thankfully the level always provides a safety net.

  • Great Balls of Fire

    Great Balls of Fire

    This was another attempt at making a classic Mario level. Here players must make their way through a jumping-fireball-themed castle. The fireballs start out small, but soon find themselves taking up huge portions of the screen (And even culminating into a "boss" battle).

  • Luigi's Chain Chomp Challenge

    Luigi's Chain Chomp Challenge

    New Super Luigi U has some of the best Mario levels around, despite breaking nearly every core, casual tenet of Mario - brutal, 99-second challenges. In that vein, this level must be completed in the narrow 99 second time slot as players make their way past a series of escalating chain chomps.