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HTML, 2014

  • What do you get when you combine two very small, but passionate audiences? The get a 3DS supported photoblog! One audience - friends and family who like to keep in touch reading my daily photoblog. The other audience - people who browse the web on a 3DS. When combine, you get...uh, well...me.

  • Though after discovering the 3DS Web Specifications, it was only a matter of time before I'd try to make something for it. My photoblog was a nice project since I didn't need to generate any new content. The layout was simplified in order to make the images and text as big as possible. The 3DS's two screens made the top screen a natural place for big images. The site also supports the 3DS's .mpo format, which shows images in 3D. To expedite the upload process, I also made a 3DS specific upload page, so that I could add the .mpo files without a computer.