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Where's My Perry?

Designer / Programmer
Disney Mobile, 2012


  • In Where's My Perry?, players help Agent P get to headquarters and foil Dr. Doofenshmirtz latest evil scheme! To best support the larger Phineas and Ferb franchise, our timeframe was reduced to only four months. To meet the deadline, our team grew to three times the size, with each member of the team having a specific focus in development.


  • Some of the UI layouts from <em>Perry?</em>

    Implementing UI

    After implementing the UI in Where's My Water?, I became the unofficial expert - meaning I was in charge of all things UI in Perry? Our focus was once again to make the layouts as data driven as possible, so that updates would require less upkeep and changes.

  • The improvements to the editing tools allowed levels to be made faster, in addition to more moving elements.

    Level Design Support

    Perry? was the first time we had a dedicated design team. Previously the programmers were also designers, so they could work around buggy tools and processes. I began to support the designers with improvements to existing tools, as well as new tools to streamline workflow. In particular the pipe editor streamlined the process to drawing adding points to a line, instead of laying dawn individual sprites.

  • <em>Perry?</em> featured unique mechanics revolving around temperature.

    New Mechanics

    Despite the tight deadlines, we were still able to introduce unique mechanics into Perry?. The main gameplay focus was around temperature, with lasers that could freeze or heat up liquids. We were even able to write a unique storyline complete with voice over work from the show.