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  • The constraint for this prototype was to make something "mundane". Since there's always at least one Jim Croce song playing on loop in my head, I decided to make a game about operators. You can even spot Jim Croce in the game (Including who he's trying to call, and it's true to the

  • One of the biggest learnings was figuring out how to make a cord act like a cord. Originally I set it up using Unity's hinge joints, but performance took a huge hit. Instead, each point has a spring/constraint force between each other - they pull/push only when they're too far away. The cords can still freak out in some cases, but overall they're efficient enough.

  • This prototype was also an exercise in economy - everything is base Unity shapes. The lighted chevrons on top? Rotated cubes, moving towards the camera in z. The cords? Cubes rotated and stretched between two points, with the outline being a slightly larger cube. Now I would do it all with a dynamic mesh, but it's still comforting to know how much is possible with so little.