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Faraway Games

Unity, 2020

  • Play Together, Far Apart

    Play "Verboten" (Taboo), "Categories" (Scattegories), "Sketch" (Pictionary), and "Liar's Dice" with friends, no matter the distance!

  • Requirements

    Each "remote" group will need a desktop computer to run the game, playable in browser or downloading the Windows/Mac versions linked above.

  • ALL PLAYERS must be on the same version! You can see which one you have by opening the app (The latest build is Version 0.6)

  • Then get on some sort of group voice chat, whether through Skype, Slack, Zoom, Discord, you name it.

  • After choosing which game to play, all players MUST have the same numbers entered for Timer, Round #, and Party # - this ensures everyone is seeing the same info.

  • Then play away!

  • Note

    "Verboten", "Categories", and "Sketch" are sourced from unfiltered online databases. It is almost guaranteed there will be some confusing, bad, or offensive words!